In search of the perfect post-oesophagectomy exercise

Prior to being diagnosed I tried really hard to adopt a healthy lifestyle and diet.

For about 3 years, I had been going to yoga once or twice a week and pilates once a week as well as walking several miles a week when the weather was decent. I was pretty fit when I went for the pre-surgery exercise test and kept relatively active during my chemo.

After surgery, I forced myself to walk the corridors of the hospital to build up my strength. It was tough going as the incisions pulled you forward all the time.

It was 18 days post-op when I walked to our nearest post box and back which was about 1/2 mile and maybe another week before I walked a 2 mile local route which I have done many times. I built up my strength over the weeks and was able to get back to pretty much normal activity by 4 months.

At this point I returned to pilates and was able to do most of the exercises but being on my stomach and back did not feel great even though there was no actual acid reflux.

So… apart from walking I am still in search of the perfect exercise. I could try tai chi but it is a bit tiresome to learn all the moves and spin classes could work – running is out as I’ve never been a runner. Weight training is a good idea too as this strengthens the bones but everything in moderation.


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