When to eat and drink

When you can not drink with meals – it is quite a challenge keeping hydrated throughout the day. In the weeks after surgery, I was so focused on eating, I forgot to drink anything in the day. I have still not mastered this but I’m getting there. In fact I probably break all the rules when it comes to eating and drinking at the wrong time but it seems to work OK for now.

Wake up – drink at least 500-800 ml of water
8-9.30 – breakfast
10-11.30 – drink two decent sized cups of tea
11.30 – banana or morning snack
1.30 – lunch (drink water before lunch)
3.30-4.30 – afternoon snack
6.30 – dinner (drink before dinner)
8.30-9.30 – supper (usually small bowl of muesli)
bedtime – at least 500 mls of water

Sometimes I may be out and about and will grab a coffee – can be morning or afternoon.

Surprisingly I rarely get reflux at night through drinking and it doesn’t often disturb my sleep having to go to the loo.





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