Reflux revisited. A month off all prescription antacids……

A month has gone by since I wrote the first reflux post. I have not taken PPIs or ranitidine during this time but have used Gaviscon.

Result: my acid is no worse than it was when on PPIs and I would even go as far as to say it is bothering me less. I still get the occasional burning sensation when I have eaten too much and this tends to occur later in the day. Bending forward after eating or drinking is still a no no.

Getting to this point has been a bit bumpy but not too bad – once off the PPIs, my cough came back with a vengeance, however even this is now improving. I had some discomfort in my oesophagus but too is calming down somewhat. Chewing gum has helped alot and sticking to easy to digest foods but I still eat quite a few high fat foods.

I will continue to monitor for another couple of weeks but being off all meds rocks!

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