Virtual art exhibition on twitter February 2020

February is oesophageal cancer (OC) awareness month. Throughout the month in 2020, I am tweeting an image a day (twitter name is @annorthernlass) #ocvirtualart.

I am rubbish at fundraising so this is my way of getting the message out and showcasing the amazing treatment our NHS has to offer to tackle this cancer.

There is currently no easily identifiable cause of OC – so essentially my message to you is as follows:-

  • be vigilant about heartburn and if you have it regularly, always get it checked out by your GP
  • do not rely on antacids and omeprazole without having regular checkups
  • if you have Barrett’s oesophagus or a hiatus hernia, ensure you are under the radar of a UGI specialist and are having regular endoscopies (have a camera down your throat).
  • Anyone with OC or Barrett’s in the family should also be vigilant especially if there are stomach related symptoms such as regular nausea, heartburn, reflux, a persistent cough especially when eating, hiccups or difficulty swallowing.

For more information – visit the links page.

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