I was diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus after a relatively short period of symptoms. With no history of heartburn or reflux, when a week of very bad heart burn came out of the blue, accompanied with a sore throat and weightloss – I thought maybe it was hiatus hernia. A gastroscopy in early 2018 revealed a different story.

Surgery was in May 2018 so living with a third of a stomach is all still fairly new to me.

I have produced Oesophagectomy Life to keep track on my progress and see whether the quantity and variety of my food choices change over time.

There will not be any regurgitated guidance already provided by NHS specialist centres or charities like Macmillan or Oesophageal Patients Association. However expect to see photos/links to things I have found useful and also pictures of the odd meal and portion sizes. There may also be a bit of scientific or evidence-based information thrown in for good measure.

Please note I am not medically trained but due to previous experience working in medical publishing and the NHS, I know my way around the medical literature.

I neither smoke nor drink alcohol so there will be no information about dealing with either on this site. Sorry to disappoint.

Please feel free to contribute to any posts.