Artbook and exhibitions

Second art exhibition, February 2020

Cover for the Art of Oesophageal Cancer

For Oesophageal Cancer Awareness month in 2020, fourteen A3 drawings from Art of Oesophageal Cancer will be on display at Hale Library in South Manchester. The exhibition is free and will run for two weeks from Monday
3 February to 17th incl. 

I am very fond of Hale and used to spend alot of time there as I attended several weekly fitness classes before I was diagnosed. The library has a lovely exhibition space where local artists show their work.

The artwork itself is not for sale but copies of the book that goes with the exhibition will be available to buy.

Copies can also be purchased anytime by emailing me at or through the paypal link below.

Books are £2.50 each plus postage (one copy posted in the UK = £1.50). Postage for three copies or for outside the UK will be slightly more so please email me to get the exact weight/cost.

Postage costs updated November 2019.

Choose one or two copies of Art of Oesophageal Cancer


First exhibition

The first exhibition marked reaching 12 months post-op and ran from
27 May to 26 June 2019 at the Taylor Gallery, The Old School, Fairfield Street in Warrington.

Never mind the cancer, here’s the sketchbook

“Never mind the cancer, here’s the sketchbook” is the first collection of drawings I did while undergoing chemotherapy and during the weeks pre- and post-surgery.  It was a thank you to friends and family for their support and is not longer available.