Welcome to Oesophagectomy Life

More and more people are having to undergo an oesophagectomy, mainly due to rising rates of oesophageal (cancer of the gullet) and gastric cancer. Thanks to better chemotherapy regimens and laporoscopical techniques such as minimally invasive keyhole surgery, oesophagectomy patients are living longer and enjoying a better quality of life.

Despite there being support and information out there, there is currently no “one size fits all” manual for oesophagectomy patients to follow. Indeed everyone has different experiences and needs, so therein lies the problem.

Once you go home, you have your GP, remote support from specialist nurses, a single check in from a community dietician and follow up appointments at increasing intervals of time. On a day to day basis, it is essentially up to you and your loved ones to wing it as best you can. There is a certain amount of self-experimentation and bravery involved in managing your daily life, especially in terms of tackling different foods and maybe medications.

This site is all about my experience of oesophageal cancer treatment and life after oesophagectomy, in fact the whole oesophagectomy scene.

I, like many, have had a few setbacks so feel free to ask me stuff if you wish.

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